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My Fitness Philosophy

Stoke Your Inner Fire

Each of us has a flame that burns within us – I believe that actively stoking that flame brightens your life experience.  Choosing and investing in a lifestyle of fitness keeps that inner fire burning brightly by creating healthy habits, keeping good company, and trying new fun things often!

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Senior Fitness
Senior Fitness

Hi, I'm Chava

I’ve dedicated my life to health & wellness, both personally and professionally.  Health really is wealth – and my focus is making my clients healthier (and therefore wealthier).

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Train With Me

Choose from 3 main options

Individual Training

Senior Training Specialist

Work with me one-on-one to get my full focus and attention.

Couples Fitness

Get More Accountability

Get your heart pumpin’ and endorphins flowing with that special someone.

Cardio Sculpt

Circuit Training

Super sweaty and awesome in-person circuit training for groups of up to three.

My Clientele

1. Seniors

Lifestyle Enrichment | Balance, strength, cognitive engagement, and elevated standard of living.

2. Women

Focused Trim & Tone | Tighten up those problem areas in fun ways with fast results!

3. Couples

Exercise Programs | Breathe new life into your most treasured relationship with super fun workouts/dance party 🙂

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Join Our tribe...

Get your fitness on with us!

Chava brings an amazing energy, dynamic workouts, and a holistic perspective to health - I am super thankful to have found her (and so is everybody I recommend to her)! Do yourself a favor and connect with her, change your life for the better, and never look back! It's all about that lifestyle baby.
Tara Harbour
Fit Mother of 3

Start By Getting In Touch

Hours M-F 9a – 5p

Location Santa Barbara, CA